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10 Signs of Roof Damage You Should Never Ignore

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the outside elements. That’s why if you see any warning signs, it is best to call a roofer for an inspection right away. The sooner you take care of any roof damage, the less likely it will become more severe in time. Here are ten things that may be warning signs that your roof needs immediate attention:

1. Your shingles don't quite look right....

If your roof looks like something is wrong with it, you might be right. Over time shingles become damaged from weather and normal aging. A sure sign of a problem on the surface is cracks, blisters, creasing, or curling, leading to significant repairs later if ignored!

Example of Creased Shingle
Curled shingles
Example of damaged shingle

2. There is sand like material in your gutters

You may notice some sand-like material around your home or gutters; those are shingle granules. Some granule loss is normal and could be caused by storms or just normal aging. But heavy, granule loss is a big indicator that you are in need of a roof replacement.

What granule loss looks like

3. Your roof looks stained or dirty

Over time you may notice a black, blue, or green stain on your shingles. The good news is that it is most likely algae – which causes no harm and only affects the appearance of your roof. But if you notice moss or mold anywhere on your roof, it should never be left to progress. Moss appears as a velvety green growth and will grow under and between the shingles, causing costly damage over time. If you spot mold on any part of your roof, don’t leave it untreated! Mold is hazardous to your health and a sure indicator that there’s moisture damage in the area.

What roof staining looks like
what mold on a roof looks like
Example of moss growing on roof

4. Your roof is missing flashing 

Flashing is the metal seal that protects your roof from water damage. There should be flashing around areas like walls, your chimney, and roof valleys. If you notice damaged or missing pieces of flashing, make sure to have it replaced right away!

Example of flashing damage

5. There is damage to the fascia of soffit

The soffit is the part where the overhang of your roof meets the siding. The fascia boards run along the side of the overhang, and your gutters sit on top of them. If the soffit or fascia boards are rotted, cracked, or damaged in any way, it will lead to leaks.

Example of soffit damage

6. Your roof has exposed nails

When you look at your roof, you should not see the nails that hold it in place. If you do, there could be holes and spaces around the nail that will allow water to penetrate and cause damage to your roof and to the interior of your home.

Exposed nail on hip cap
Lifted shingle with exposed nail
Exposed nails on ridge vent

7. Your roof has a dip in it

If you notice any spots of your roof that dip in it could mean several things. There could be extensive moisture damage, it could be from poor installation or  your roof is holding to much weight. Whatever the cause roof sagging is a clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced. If you don’t act soon to prevent further damage, it could collapse.

Example of sagging on roof
Sagging decking near chimney

8. Staining on interior walls

Water staining is one of the most noticeable signs that your roof has a leak. Even if you don’t see any visible water stains on your walls or ceiling, it’s important to check in your attic space for indications of moisture damage. 

Water stain on wall
Moisture stain in attic
water stain on ceiling

9. There is an increase in your energy bill

 If you  notice an increase in your energy bill you should check your attic. If you have a leak it will quickly ruin insulation and disrupt how your home is heated or cooled.  You should also have a professional check for proper ventilation. Improper ventilation could cause heat to be trap and if not corrected it will lead not only to a high energy bill but to costly repairs. 

electric bill

10. Your roof is getting to the end of its life expectancy

Shingle life expectancy depends on many factors such as climate and type of building material, but in general asphalt shingles can last between 15 to 30 years. If your roof is reaching the end of its life expectancy its important to  contact a roofing company that can inspect your roof and evaluate  when it is time for a replacement. 

The signs of roof damage are easy to spot if you know what to look for. But, we understand it’s not always that simple and your gut may be telling you something isn’t right. That’s why we offer free inspections. If you have noticed any of these warning signs , contact us today at (912)231-7338 for an appointment.